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Nadia Cook
The Scottish Lawyer

About Me: Welcome
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The background to my legal journey so far as an infographic.

The aim of the Scottish Lawyer is to increase access to the legal profession for anyone who aspires to be a part of it, no matter their background. My hope is that by sharing my experiences and that of others, whilst adding some helpful resources and templates for you to use it will make your route in the law less daunting than what I remember it to be for me.  

I felt that it was important you know some more about me (with complete transparency), and my legal journey so far to allow you to see that everyone's pathway is not the same. We all have our own obstacles and barriers to break through. But that's what gives us the strength and determination to keep pushing on towards reaching our goals. 

About Me: About
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Nadia - Advocate's Close - Edinburgh


This page is currently in progress and more information will be ready soon.

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About Me: Welcome
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