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The resources below are specifically aimed at those who study Scots law, Diploma students and for Junior Solicitors practising in Scotland.

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Scottish Resources: Past Events
Scottish Court System - Flowchart (1)_edited.jpg


This useful flowchart of the Scottish court system can downloaded for FREE and stored on your computer for quick reference or printed. It will be useful for mainly law students, but also for others legal professionals as a reminder of the layers of the Scottish court system.

Diploma Tracker Template - IG Post - Photo.png


This tracker can be downloaded for FREE, and will be useful for those who are in their final LLB year and planning on applying for the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice. It will assist with the decision making process of where you chose to apply to study, and other factors to be considered as well as allowing you to keep track of your progress.

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The Scottish Lawyer website is aimed at increasing social mobility in the Scottish legal sector.

Founder and NQ Scottish Solicitor, Nadia Cook, has created FREE how to guides, templates and other resources which are accessible from the website and will be useful for law students, diploma students, trainees and junior legal professionals/lawyers. The resources are useful for everyone, not just those studying and practising law in Scotland, however, there is also a Scotland specific resource page.

Alongside this the Scottish Lawyer runs an Instagram platform and creates content and hosts informal 'legal career chats' with different legal industry professionals (especially in Scotland) to enable aspiring lawyers and students to take away tips and ideas about what they may wish to do in the future, and increase diversity and inclusion within the legal sector.

I am always looking for contributions from students and legal professionals to participate in career chats, contributions of blog articles for the website, ideas for templates and how to guides, or contributions for short informative posts for our IG platform. Please contact me by DM if you would like to get involved.

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The Law Society of Scotland is the professional governing body for Scottish solicitors. It promotes excellence among solicitors through the support and regulation of its members. It also promotes the interests of the public in relation to the profession. 

All Scots Law LLB and Diploma in Professional Legal Practice students are eligible to apply to become a student associate member for free!

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Scottish Legal News is Scotland’s leading independent legal portal serving the entire Scottish legal community.
We publish a free daily email newsletter which is sent directly to the inboxes of thousands of Scottish lawyers working in the many diverse areas of the profession.

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The Scottish Young Lawyers' Association (SYLA) is a non-profit organisation, which educates, entertains and represents young lawyers in Scotland.

The SYLA is run for and on behalf of young lawyers and now boasts over 3,100 members across the country.  Run by a committee of volunteers, it runs over 30 events a year across Scotland and regularly contributes to debates on issues affecting the future of the profession. 

Membership of the SYLA is free and you can sign up for their email alerts.

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Attending TANQ events is not only a great way to meet new people, network and hear about what's happening in law firms in and around Glasgow, but it is also a good opportunity to increase your knowledge and understanding of different areas of law. If you are starting your legal career, TANQ is an invaluable way to learn from other people's experiences and to make contacts that may help you in the future - and it's free!

We aim to put on 5 or 6 education seminars per year as well as several social events. The seminars generally qualify for one hour of TCPD time (for trainees) or CPD time (for newly qualified solicitors). The Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow is certified by the Law Society as an external provider of TCPD.

Events are free to attend for all trainees and newly qualified solicitors (up to 2 years qualified) regardless of whether their firms are members of the Royal Faculty, law students and those completing their Diploma in Legal Practice are also most welcome to attend events.
There is a charge of £20 for solicitors over 2 years PQE who wish to attend TANQ events.

Screenshot 2022-04-16 9.34.56 PM.png


Hey legal brings you innovative content about the important things happening in law and the Scottish legal sector.

Our aim is to inspire new ideas and thinking in Scottish law firms. We want to re-imagine learning for Scottish lawyers. Hey Legal is designed to change the status quo from doing only the minimal required CPD hours, to participating in engaged daily learning through choice. 

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The Faculty of Advocates is an independent body of lawyers who have been admitted to practise as advocates before the courts of Scotland, especially the Court of Session and the High Court of Justiciary. The Faculty of Advocates is a constituent part of the College of Justice and is based in Edinburgh.

Their webpage contains a section with general information on becoming an Advocate.

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A work-in-progress guide to Scottish criminal law by Andrew Crosbie, an Advocate at the Scottish Bar. 

He started this site in his spare time, with the aim of creating a free and accessible Scottish criminal law resource.

Screenshot 2022-04-16 9.58.12 PM.png


The official recruitment website of the Law Society of Scotland

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The Managing Director and Consultant to the Company is Bruce de Wert, a Scottish Solicitor in private practice and an Honorary Sheriff.
Bruce has always been an Internet pioneer. He also wrote one of the first document-assembly programs for lawyers using the Wordperfect code system.

Scottish Resources: List
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