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At our core, we believe that the legal profession should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background. That's why 'The Scottish Lawyer' is dedicated to providing FREE resources and tips to help those from all walks of life succeed in the legal world. From highlighting the experiences of successful lawyers who have overcome social barriers to offering advice on navigating the legal job market, we're committed to promoting social mobility within the legal industry.


So if you're a law student or someone looking to break into the legal profession, we've got your back. Let's work together to make the legal world a more inclusive and equitable place for all!


Welcome to my corner of the internet! I'm Nadia Cook, also known as The Scottish Lawyer.

Here, you'll find valuable resources tailored for aspiring solicitors, law students, junior legal professionals, and others seeking to advance in the legal field.

My motivation for creating this space is simple: to share the knowledge I've gained on my legal journey and offer transparent insights into life in the law.

I also noticed a lack of Scottish-related legal resources, so I've included a Scotland-specific page that I plan to expand in the future.

My ultimate goal is to foster social mobility and promote greater accessibility within the legal profession. And with that in mind, let's get started right here, right now!

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See below a range of templates which I have created and made completely free to download.

I hope these are useful for aspiring solicitors, and legal professionals alike. Please feel free to share and any feedback is always welcome.

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I created a table when I began my new NQ Junior Solicitor role and saved it to my desktop for quick reference. It came in so handy to firstly allow me to see what I had found out already from people in my team and what I still needed to know. 

This table is in docx. format and can be used and edited how you wish. It will be helpful for anyone working in a legal environment, especially trainees, apprentices, legal assistants, paralegals, junior lawyers, and those starting a new job etc.


Ideal for law students
Consists of a document with space to write: the parties names, citation, court level, facts, issues, reasoning, and judgement/decision
Assists with summarising key case law for exams and assignments

Case Note Template - IG Post - Photo (1)_edited_edited.jpg
Tutorial Plan - Photo - The Scottish Lawyer_edited.jpg


Ideal for law students
Consists of three pages; pre-tutorial prep, notes page, and post-tutorial consolidation page
Assists with planning and note-taking for classes, tutorials, lectures and seminars

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Get organised...

Enjoy your freebie digital calandar from the Scottish Lawyer Community!

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 What members of our community say... 

"one thing I've always found is there's loads of help or inspirational people out there but I find them studying in England and the system is a bit different for Scottish students here - an extra barrier when you come from an ethnic minority so very much appreciate your help."

LLB Student, Scotland


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"It's never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you are proud of, and if you ever find that you're not, I hope that you have the strength to start over."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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